Digital Content Issues Map

I moderated a panel at last week’s AIMIA conference on The Business of Digital Content. The panel itself explored the alternative branded content model that is starting to emerge in response to the fragmentation of traditional media channels.

I was asked by the conference organiser to put together a mindmap of the key issues […]

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The predominance of ‘No’

One of the great disservices many companies do to themselves is to encourage the existence of a layer of managers/executives whose primary source of credibility/respect is being the first to say ‘No’ to an idea.

There are generally lots of ramifications for people who say ‘Yes’ to an idea that subsequently flops. Yet there […]

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Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo!

The numbers on this deal are very interesting. Like Microsoft’s acquisition of a minor stake in Facebook, most of the value created in the transaction is strategic – it has less to do with the present value of future cash flow, and more to do with making sure an asset does not fall into a […]

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Raising Money 101 – Learning How to Sell

As an entrepreneur, you are in constant “sell mode”. Each human interaction – a lunch meeting, a formal presentation or a surprise encounter with an old school friend while wandering down the street – is a chance to ‘sell’ your idea, product or venture.

I use “sell” here in a broader sense.

When […]

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Raising Money 101 – Overcoming Information Asymmetry

I wanted to shed some light on why so many entrepreneurs find it difficult to “sell” their ideas or venture – especially in terms of obtaining funding.

Two words: information asymmetry.

Almost all business interactions involve information asymmetry: individuals on one side of the bargaining table have much better information than those on […]

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Raising Money 101 – Getting specific about the investment proposition

When making a pitch, you need to be very clear exactly what it is you are offering and exactly what it is you are expecting in return.

As mentioned in an earlier post, some individuals find discussing money uncomfortable. But fundraising requires you to be very, very precise. You NEED to get into the […]

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Reality Filters

During the holiday break, I finally got around to reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink (a highly recommended read). In the book he touches several times on a topic that I find fascinating: reality filters.

I won’t bore you with the scientific details, but cognitive science tells us that we all have special “filters”, which sit […]

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Raising Money 101 – Polishing Your Presentation

One point often overlooked by entrepreneurs is the importance of a polished presentation.

First impressions count. If you can’t generate interest in your proposed venture while simultaneously demonstrating your professionalism and the degree of thought and planning that has gone into your proposal, then you are pretty well dead in the water, and almost […]

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Give your business a tune-up in 2008

For many businesses, January and February are quiet times, as work slows while key clients are on vacation.

It is an opportune time, then, to reflect back on the highs and lows of the previous year, divine any lessons to be learnt and devise strategies for the year ahead.

In addition to doing […]

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3D Concerts a sign of things to come

GizMag published the following snippet in late December:


U2 in first ever 3D concert beamed live to a cinema near you Everyone is probably aware of the early attempts at 3D on the cinema screen using the flimsy cardboard goggles with the red and blue plastic lenses for each eye. This, while being a […]

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