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New Report – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

IBM, via its Institute for Business Value, has released an interesting (though not particularly radical) report, titled Value 2.0 – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies.

A separate, Executive Summary document, provides a concise overview of ‘the rules’:

RULE #1: Grab and monetize the long […]

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Advertisers re-considering social networks?

A recent article in Wired magazine highlights the problems social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo are having with their cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates on display advertising.

They are averaging $0.13 (yes, 13c) per thousand, compared with industry averages around the $20 mark (higher for more targeted sites).

In particular, LinkedIn is said to […]

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OpenSocial – Taking social networking to the next level

For those of you who have met me in person, you’d know that I have long been championing the need for a technology that would enable ‘profile portability’.

A key constraint with social networks is that they force you to choose. You must choose whether you will invest your time and efforts in Facebook, or […]

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Making sense of the MS/Facebook tie-up

I must be turning into a sceptic in my old age. I simply could not believe my eyes when I read that Microsoft had invested $US240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook. This effectively valued Facebook, which anticipated revenues this year of just $US150 million, at $US15 billion dollars.

That’s a crazy valuation. […]

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Bubble 2.0 – Advertising Platform the Key to Online Domination

The Wall Street Journal Online published an interesting article last week titled Microsoft Fires Volley At Google in Ad Battle, which states in part:

Some industry executives believe the Internet today is facing the sort of turning point that the computer-operating-system sector confronted two decades ago: Whoever controls the technology platform for buying and selling online […]

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Update on Social Networks and ‘Dunbar number’

Interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald today that confirms the Dunbar number (which I referenced in an earlier post titled Social networks – chasm ahead!) is alive and well in the realm of social networks.

According to the article, which touches on the research of Will Reader, an evolutionary psychologist at Sheffield Hallam University:


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A chance to learn from history

The New York Times features an article – Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost? – covering the growing debate about a new Firefox add-in called AdBlock Plus.

Briefly, AdBlock Plus is an enhancement that allows users to effortlessly block ‘undesired’ content displayed within web pages. Primarily used for blocking banners and rich-media advertising, the add-in allows […]

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Social networks – chasm ahead!

Social networking sites will shortly face a crisis of their own creation, as consumers question the returns they achieve from the time invested in staying on top of their bourgeoning networks of friends and pseduo-friends.

In the past few months, Facebook appears to have hit a tipping point. It has quickly moved away from its college […]

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Why we Twitter

A recently published paper – Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities – presents a theory on the role services like Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce plays in our social interaction with others.

The primary differentiation between blogging and ‘microblogging’  (according to the authors) is that the latter encourages shorter posts, which, in turn, creates two important […]

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Web 2.0 – The Emperor’s New Suit

I have been asked to author two articles for a forthcoming edition of Marketing Magazine that is focusing on ‘new media’.

In one of the articles, I expand on a theme I recently covered here – that Web 2.0 does not exist – so I thought I’d share a snippet:


At its core, the Internet […]

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