Taking Web 2.0 Offline

I’m testing a new blog publishing tool. While I love the WordPress blogging software I am using on this site, I have found posting articles quite a painful process at times. You have to fire up a web browser, connect to the administration page of the blog, enter the administration username and password, wait for the […]

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MySpace + LinkedIn – about to stumble?

I’ve recently been doing a bit of thinking about MySpace and LinkedIn, following an interesting discussions on the Market-L discussion list.

Both are approaching inflection points in terms of audience growth (userbase) and business direction, and both appear to be stumbling.

Communities like MySpace only work when people come together to engage around a unifying, shared […]

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Cash is King (Australian Anthill)

This is an excerpt from a regular column I write – <strong>Neely Ready</strong> – which appears in <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.australiananthill.com/” title=”Australian Anthill Magazine Web site”>Australian Anthill</a>.


While sometimes apocryphal, start-up failure rates tell a sombre story: most start-ups don’t see their third anniversary. There are many causes of this high attrition rate, but a primary factor is poor cash flow management.

Some founders simply miscalculate how much capital is required to get their business off the ground. Others are overly optimistic when forecasting key milestones (such as the date of first sale or break-even point). Still others allow the heady exuberance of a new project go to their heads (and cheque book).

By following a few simple rules, you can stretch your dollar further, and enhance your chances of success:


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Movie-download services miss the point

Fairfax recently announced its vehicle for entering into the movie-download market – ANYTIME – which puts it in direct competition with Telstra’s BigPond Movies initiative and ReelTime.

Much of the focus of the discussion about these competiting services has been around the challenges associated with broadband penetration in Australia (in particular, the expense of true, high-speed […]

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Google buys DoubleClick

Interesting news over the weekend about Google purchasing DoubleClick for $US3.1 billion (AU$3.75 billion).

Google has a few challenges ahead of it. On the one hand, if it wants to maintain its stellar share price, it needs to continue growing at around the same rate it has in the past (as investors have certainly factored revenue […]

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About Me

I’m a speaker, writer and consultant on the subject of strategy, discontinuous innovation and leading change. I’m a firm believer in adopting a systems-thinking approach to strategic planning and change management, coupled with an emphasis on creativity, problem-solving, and the pursuit of ‘why?’.

I spend my time (via consulting, workshops and talks) showing organisations how […]

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