Recent Q&A session discussing opportunities & challenges for the digital media industry

I recently did a Q&A piece with the editor of the KnowGenesis International Journal for Technical Communication about a range of opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for the digital media industry.

The editor, Saurabh Kudesia, posed some very interesting questions, and I thought I would summarise some of the issues the piece covered.


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Key Trends in Digital Media 2008

I launched a regular column in Digital Media magazine (published by Reed Business Australia) this year. Below is an early draft of my first column (which was published in the February issue).


Increasing Control

A string of 2007 research studies into changing digital media and entertainment consumption habits, including the persuasive survey by […]

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Digital Content Issues Map

I moderated a panel at last week’s AIMIA conference on The Business of Digital Content. The panel itself explored the alternative branded content model that is starting to emerge in response to the fragmentation of traditional media channels.

I was asked by the conference organiser to put together a mindmap of the key issues […]

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Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo!

The numbers on this deal are very interesting. Like Microsoft’s acquisition of a minor stake in Facebook, most of the value created in the transaction is strategic – it has less to do with the present value of future cash flow, and more to do with making sure an asset does not fall into a […]

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Bubble 2.0 – Advertising Platform the Key to Online Domination

The Wall Street Journal Online published an interesting article last week titled Microsoft Fires Volley At Google in Ad Battle, which states in part:

Some industry executives believe the Internet today is facing the sort of turning point that the computer-operating-system sector confronted two decades ago: Whoever controls the technology platform for buying and selling online […]

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Remaking the Advertising Industry

An interesting interview with Professor Stephen P. Bradley on the Harvard Business Review web site, about his research for a forthcoming book titled Broadband: Remaking the Advertising Industry.

The background to the research:

We are looking at industries that are being transformed by broadband such as the news and information industry-the younger you get, the […]

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Welcome to information overload

Gerry McGovern provides some very interesting statistics in a (fairly recent) book, Content Critical:

– Every issue of the New York Times contains more information that a 17th century individual would have read in a lifetime.- There is enough scientific information written every year to keep a person busy reading day and night for 460 […]

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A chance to learn from history

The New York Times features an article – Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost? – covering the growing debate about a new Firefox add-in called AdBlock Plus.

Briefly, AdBlock Plus is an enhancement that allows users to effortlessly block ‘undesired’ content displayed within web pages. Primarily used for blocking banners and rich-media advertising, the add-in allows […]

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The End of Advertising?

IBM Institute for Business Value has released its findings in a new survey of consumer digital media usage in the U.S., U.K, Germany, Japan and Australia.

It contains some very useful data about the current and future demand for non-broadcast media viewing, especially PC- and mobile-based video consumption.

The study found that Australian consumers spend more […]

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More evidence of long term shift in ad budgets

Henry Blodget recently posted some eye-opening data about the ‘big picture’ shift of advertising budgets from traditional media companies to online media in the US.

US advertising revenue at Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN grew by $1.3 billion in Q2, or 42%. 

US advertising revenue at 15 big television, newspaper, magazine, radio, and outdoor companies  […]

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