Accelerating shift from marketing to product/service re-design

An interesting new study, conducted by Duke University on behalf of the American Marketing Association, has been published, and is well worth reading.

It provides a number of insights into factors influencing market development, growth strategies, fluctuations in marketing budgets and growth in social media marketing expenditure.

But the table below provides a […]

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My Facebook Nightmare

It started with a phone call around 7.30pm on Wednesday night, January 14th. A concerned friend was calling from interstate.

“Mark, where are you?,” he asked.

“I’m at home. Why?” I replied.

“So you’re not in London?”


“And you haven’t been robbed at gunpoint and had your wallet stolen?”

“No! […]

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Major Media Failed the 2008 ‘Online Election’

Given how late in the day it is, I suspect everyone is almost over the 2008 US election.

But I wanted to add a note about my experience in trying to monitor the election online today.

I watched the CNN TV coverage live, but wanted to compare/contrast their stats with that of other […]

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Are Poor Metrics Holding the Online Industry Back?

A recent survey by McKinsey highlights the growing challenge faced by marketers in deciding how to allocate their media spending:

The rapid growth of online advertising hides a serious challenge: the digital world has developed faster than the tools needed to measure it…A June 2008 McKinsey digital-advertising survey of 340 senior […]

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The next ‘re-intermediation’ business opportunity?

I recently had cause to investigate how you might use a utility/cloud computing service, like Amazon S3, to provide an efficient and modestly priced solution to serving up video-on-demand content services, as an alternative to the more traditional offerings of streaming video platform providers.

I was impressed by the level of intelligence behind not […]

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$1 CPM industry standard?

I just had a quick scan through a  report by JP Morgan’s Internet analyst Imran Khan, titled Nothing But Net, released in January 2008.

In an almost throw away line, he notes that "ore than 80% of online inventory currently sells for less than a $1 CPM," with an average CPM rate of just […]

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Is social media driven by a loss of faith?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the Walkley Public Affairs Convention, on the issue of social media.

My presentation was titled ‘Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed.’

In it, I sought to outline my thoughts on what were the key driving forces underlying of the […]

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Are you an Alpha Socialiser?

The UK’s Office of Communications has released an interesting report – titled Social Networking – A quantitative and qualitative research report into attitudes, behaviours and use – examining the rise of social networking sites, and the people who use them.

Their reports combine both qualitative and quantitative research within the UK market. Interestingly, they […]

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Advertisers re-considering social networks?

A recent article in Wired magazine highlights the problems social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo are having with their cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates on display advertising.

They are averaging $0.13 (yes, 13c) per thousand, compared with industry averages around the $20 mark (higher for more targeted sites).

In particular, LinkedIn is said to […]

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Is the trend towards Cost-Per-Acquisition campaigns sustainable?

One thing that is interesting in the on-going digital marketing metrics/engagement debate is that marketers expect a much higher correlation between digital marketing activities and confirmed sales than they do in any of the ‘offline’ media.

The interactive industry certainly made its own bed here. It has long touted itself as the only ‘accountable’ […]

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