Confessions of an adaptive strategist

Welcome to 2012.

It’s hard for me to believe it, but this blog has lain idle since January 2009. A couple of factors contributed to this *ahem* sojourn.

First, my daughter (Miss Sophie) entered my life and has managed to account for pretty much every spare minute of it since.

Second, there was a trajectory change career-wise. After […]

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The predominance of ‘No’

One of the great disservices many companies do to themselves is to encourage the existence of a layer of managers/executives whose primary source of credibility/respect is being the first to say ‘No’ to an idea.

There are generally lots of ramifications for people who say ‘Yes’ to an idea that subsequently flops. Yet there […]

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Mimicking bacteria – strategy for success?

History tells us that it is rare indeed that a single individual will come up with a totally new idea that leads to innovation (even Newton is purported to have needed a bit of help in the form of an apple). Innovation is more likely to arise from the recombination of existing ideas in novel ways […]

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Short-sighted view of the growing importance of digital channels

I noticed an interesting job advertisement in the papers over the weekend. The job title – Online Communications Manager – caught my eye, as I had recently been wondering when we will see organisations  invest the same levels of resources into managing their relationships and interactions with customers over digital channels as they do, say, […]

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Learning from PepsiCo: Changing the Game

In 2006, for the first time in 108 years of head-to-head competition, PepsiCo was worth more (in market cap terms) than The Coca-Cola Company, even though Coke still outsells Pepsi almost 2-to-1.

In 1998, Coca-Cola’s market cap was $US220 billion and the company’s stock price was trading in the high-$80s. Fast forward to 2006, and […]

Should Yahoo! quit the search business?

Reports that News Corp has made overtures to Yahoo! about swapping MySpace for a 25% equity stake has led the New York Times to speculate about whether Yahoo! should exit the search business and, instead, contract Google to provide search capabilities (ironically, this would have the company performing a full-loop, as it was Google’s contract with […]

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Effective Leadership (Australian Anthill)

This is an excerpt of a regular column I write – <strong>Neely Ready</strong> – which appears in Australian Anthill.


While it may be heretical to some, I believe great leaders are made, not born.

Undoubtedly there are those among us who inherited certain traits that naturally lead them to leadership roles. But any individual with the right character, willpower and discipline can become a great leader.

Leadership is important in all areas of life, but given the array of challenges faced by start-ups, including the need to marshal and sustain a team’s enthusiasm and drive in the face of set-backs, the calibre of leadership is one of the most significant determinants of success or failure.

For the most part, companies large and small are over-managed but under-led, so it is important to distinguish between leadership and management. Management is concerned with planning and organisation (the ‘how’). Leadership, on the other hand, is about direction (the ‘why’).


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