Are Poor Metrics Holding the Online Industry Back?

A recent survey by McKinsey highlights the growing challenge faced by marketers in deciding how to allocate their media spending:

The rapid growth of online advertising hides a serious challenge: the digital world has developed faster than the tools needed to measure it…A June 2008 McKinsey digital-advertising survey of 340 senior […]

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Advertisers re-considering social networks?

A recent article in Wired magazine highlights the problems social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo are having with their cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates on display advertising.

They are averaging $0.13 (yes, 13c) per thousand, compared with industry averages around the $20 mark (higher for more targeted sites).

In particular, LinkedIn is said to […]

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Is the trend towards Cost-Per-Acquisition campaigns sustainable?

One thing that is interesting in the on-going digital marketing metrics/engagement debate is that marketers expect a much higher correlation between digital marketing activities and confirmed sales than they do in any of the ‘offline’ media.

The interactive industry certainly made its own bed here. It has long touted itself as the only ‘accountable’ […]

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Key Trends in Digital Media 2008

I launched a regular column in Digital Media magazine (published by Reed Business Australia) this year. Below is an early draft of my first column (which was published in the February issue).


Increasing Control

A string of 2007 research studies into changing digital media and entertainment consumption habits, including the persuasive survey by […]

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Digital Content Issues Map

I moderated a panel at last week’s AIMIA conference on The Business of Digital Content. The panel itself explored the alternative branded content model that is starting to emerge in response to the fragmentation of traditional media channels.

I was asked by the conference organiser to put together a mindmap of the key issues […]

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Remaking the Advertising Industry

An interesting interview with Professor Stephen P. Bradley on the Harvard Business Review web site, about his research for a forthcoming book titled Broadband: Remaking the Advertising Industry.

The background to the research:

We are looking at industries that are being transformed by broadband such as the news and information industry-the younger you get, the […]

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Should Yahoo! quit the search business?

Reports that News Corp has made overtures to Yahoo! about swapping MySpace for a 25% equity stake has led the New York Times to speculate about whether Yahoo! should exit the search business and, instead, contract Google to provide search capabilities (ironically, this would have the company performing a full-loop, as it was Google’s contract with […]

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Where did this come from?

As many of you already know, I left my previous position with Austereo earlier this year, and have returned to the ‘coal face’, as it were.

After 2+ yrs of living and breathing the process of both devising and implementing a business case + strategy for launching an ‘interactive’ division within a traditional broadcast media company, […]

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