Do we need to kill “big data”?

A recent article on Techcrunch made the argument that the term “big data” should be abandoned, on the basis that it has fallen into generic usage and, in any event, no longer represented how organisations are thinking about their data.

Organisations aren’t interested in amassing lots of data, the author – Leena Rao […]

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Accelerating shift from marketing to product/service re-design

An interesting new study, conducted by Duke University on behalf of the American Marketing Association, has been published, and is well worth reading.

It provides a number of insights into factors influencing market development, growth strategies, fluctuations in marketing budgets and growth in social media marketing expenditure.

But the table below provides a […]

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Connectivity ‘lag’ & impact on digital business models

I had one of those ‘gotcha’ moments today.

I’m in the process of moving and, despite my best efforts, find myself in a broadband ‘dead zone’. Not in the sense that I moved to the boondocks, but due to the time it is taking my provider (iiNet) to commission an ADSL2+ service at my […]

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Risks of the ‘AntiCommons’ and the Gridlock Econony

Michael Heller has just released an ebook Gridlock Economy: The Tragedy of the Anticommons, which provides a short overview of the thinking encapsulated in his new book by the same name.

It provides an interesting counter-point to the growing trend of co-creation and  co-ownership of various assets, from (physical) property through to software, knowledge […]

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The next ‘re-intermediation’ business opportunity?

I recently had cause to investigate how you might use a utility/cloud computing service, like Amazon S3, to provide an efficient and modestly priced solution to serving up video-on-demand content services, as an alternative to the more traditional offerings of streaming video platform providers.

I was impressed by the level of intelligence behind not […]

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Is ‘Born Global’ the new normal for software start-ups?

A scan of recent activity in the Australian start-up sector suggests that, for many Australian new ventures, launch planning is rooted in a single, dominant objective: ensuring the business is “born global.” Nowhere is this mindset more apparent than among software-based start-ups, led by organisations such as Atlassian, Tangler, Freshview, and 3eep, among many.


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New Report – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

IBM, via its Institute for Business Value, has released an interesting (though not particularly radical) report, titled Value 2.0 – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies.

A separate, Executive Summary document, provides a concise overview of ‘the rules’:

RULE #1: Grab and monetize the long […]

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User-Led Innovation – New Report

Following up on my last post about the role of ‘lead users’ in the innovation process, two colleagues, Darren Sharp and Mandy Salomon from the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences of the Swinburne University of Technology, have released a very interesting and worthwhile report – User-led Innovation: A New Framework for Co-creating Business and […]

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Observing today to discover tomorrow

One of my favourite quotes, and one that I like to drop into any discussion about innovation and forecasting future trends, comes from William Gibson, a science-fiction author (who, somewhat ironically, until very recently still used a typewriter for preparing manuscripts):

The future is already here – it is just unevenly […]

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3D Concerts a sign of things to come

GizMag published the following snippet in late December:


U2 in first ever 3D concert beamed live to a cinema near you Everyone is probably aware of the early attempts at 3D on the cinema screen using the flimsy cardboard goggles with the red and blue plastic lenses for each eye. This, while being a […]

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