Risks of the ‘AntiCommons’ and the Gridlock Econony

Michael Heller has just released an ebook Gridlock Economy: The Tragedy of the Anticommons, which provides a short overview of the thinking encapsulated in his new book by the same name.

It provides an interesting counter-point to the growing trend of co-creation and  co-ownership of various assets, from (physical) property through to software, knowledge […]

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The next ‘re-intermediation’ business opportunity?

I recently had cause to investigate how you might use a utility/cloud computing service, like Amazon S3, to provide an efficient and modestly priced solution to serving up video-on-demand content services, as an alternative to the more traditional offerings of streaming video platform providers.

I was impressed by the level of intelligence behind not […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Challenge – Surviving the Early Years

I’ve been invited to sit on a judging panel at a pitch session being held on Friday by the Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance (MEGA).

Over the past 4 months, 10 teams of entrepreneurs have been mentored through the process of fine tuning their business concepts, and the pitch session is designed as a dress […]

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Is ‘Born Global’ the new normal for software start-ups?

A scan of recent activity in the Australian start-up sector suggests that, for many Australian new ventures, launch planning is rooted in a single, dominant objective: ensuring the business is “born global.” Nowhere is this mindset more apparent than among software-based start-ups, led by organisations such as Atlassian, Tangler, Freshview, and 3eep, among many.


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Raising Money 101 – Learning How to Sell

As an entrepreneur, you are in constant “sell mode”. Each human interaction – a lunch meeting, a formal presentation or a surprise encounter with an old school friend while wandering down the street – is a chance to ‘sell’ your idea, product or venture.

I use “sell” here in a broader sense.

When […]

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Raising Money 101 – Overcoming Information Asymmetry

I wanted to shed some light on why so many entrepreneurs find it difficult to “sell” their ideas or venture – especially in terms of obtaining funding.

Two words: information asymmetry.

Almost all business interactions involve information asymmetry: individuals on one side of the bargaining table have much better information than those on […]

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Raising Money 101 – Polishing Your Presentation

One point often overlooked by entrepreneurs is the importance of a polished presentation.

First impressions count. If you can’t generate interest in your proposed venture while simultaneously demonstrating your professionalism and the degree of thought and planning that has gone into your proposal, then you are pretty well dead in the water, and almost […]

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Give your business a tune-up in 2008

For many businesses, January and February are quiet times, as work slows while key clients are on vacation.

It is an opportune time, then, to reflect back on the highs and lows of the previous year, divine any lessons to be learnt and devise strategies for the year ahead.

In addition to doing […]

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Watch Out For the Bus!

Entrepreneurs like to get into the thick of things.

They jump into an opportunity, build an appropriate business structure, roll their sleeves up and get to work.

The cut-n-thrust of the “coalface” is often what drives them. This can be a serious mistake.

Business success is about “owning” a business, not running […]

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Raising Money 101

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks (working on a new business venture – more on that soon), so I thought I’d touch on a topic close to all entrepreneur’s hearts: raising money.

Few entrepreneurs are in a position to self-fund their idea, either at the startup or growth phases. Seeking money to get […]

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