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Search is Dead

In the past three years, we have witnessed emergent signals of a radical change in the nature of the Internet. Like the transition that preceded it, where its focus shifted from its original, technological orientation to a content-centric positioning, this next phase will bring a dramatic shift in fortunes for some of the major players.


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Is social media driven by a loss of faith?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the Walkley Public Affairs Convention, on the issue of social media.

My presentation was titled ‘Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed.’

In it, I sought to outline my thoughts on what were the key driving forces underlying of the […]

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Digital Radio – Promises + Challenges

I was interviewed last month by Brad Howarth for an article discussing the likely future of radio advertising as the industry launches its digital broadcasting platform in 2009.

The exchange touched on a range of issues (and opportunities) for the Australian radio industry, and I thought I would summarise my thoughts here.

Key Challenges

The successful launch […]

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OpenSocial – Taking social networking to the next level

For those of you who have met me in person, you’d know that I have long been championing the need for a technology that would enable ‘profile portability’.

A key constraint with social networks is that they force you to choose. You must choose whether you will invest your time and efforts in Facebook, or […]

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Bubble 2.0 – Advertising Platform the Key to Online Domination

The Wall Street Journal Online published an interesting article last week titled Microsoft Fires Volley At Google in Ad Battle, which states in part:

Some industry executives believe the Internet today is facing the sort of turning point that the computer-operating-system sector confronted two decades ago: Whoever controls the technology platform for buying and selling online […]

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Short-sighted view of the growing importance of digital channels

I noticed an interesting job advertisement in the papers over the weekend. The job title – Online Communications Manager – caught my eye, as I had recently been wondering when we will see organisations  invest the same levels of resources into managing their relationships and interactions with customers over digital channels as they do, say, […]

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Learning from PepsiCo: Changing the Game

In 2006, for the first time in 108 years of head-to-head competition, PepsiCo was worth more (in market cap terms) than The Coca-Cola Company, even though Coke still outsells Pepsi almost 2-to-1.

In 1998, Coca-Cola’s market cap was $US220 billion and the company’s stock price was trading in the high-$80s. Fast forward to 2006, and […]

There is no Web 2.0…

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and now a software entrepreneur, has launched a personal blog, Pmarca.

He recently published an article in which he argues there is no such thing as Web 2.0.

As I responded in a comment, I absolutely agree that there is no Web 2.0 (and there most certainly isn’t a […]

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What is the 3rd Horizon?

So why did I name this blog ‘3rd Horizon’? Because that’s kinda where I like to work.

Most companies are ruthlessly operationally-focussed – few more so than media companies, which tend to ‘live’ from ratings book to ratings book, interrupted only by monthly or quarterly sales figures. It is a tough, highly competitive world, so it […]

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