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Risks of the ‘AntiCommons’ and the Gridlock Econony

Michael Heller has just released an ebook Gridlock Economy: The Tragedy of the Anticommons, which provides a short overview of the thinking encapsulated in his new book by the same name.

It provides an interesting counter-point to the growing trend of co-creation and  co-ownership of various assets, from (physical) property through to software, knowledge […]

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Returning to Fundamentals – What happens when funding dries up

It’s has been a fair while since my last post, as I’ve been grappling with some interesting strategy issues for a client project.

However, I’ve been having a few conversations with friends and colleagues about the likely impact of the recent economic crisis on the ‘Web 2.0’ scene. These conversations reminded me of a […]

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The next ‘re-intermediation’ business opportunity?

I recently had cause to investigate how you might use a utility/cloud computing service, like Amazon S3, to provide an efficient and modestly priced solution to serving up video-on-demand content services, as an alternative to the more traditional offerings of streaming video platform providers.

I was impressed by the level of intelligence behind not […]

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$1 CPM industry standard?

I just had a quick scan through a  report by JP Morgan’s Internet analyst Imran Khan, titled Nothing But Net, released in January 2008.

In an almost throw away line, he notes that "ore than 80% of online inventory currently sells for less than a $1 CPM," with an average CPM rate of just […]

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Where does the day go?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking yourself what happened to your day, here is some potential insight into the answer…(from the New York Times)



The question becomes: what behaviours will you change to reduce the amount of time spent doing ‘unproductive’ activities?

Technorati Tags: Information Worker, Email Management, Interruptions, […]

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Search is Dead

In the past three years, we have witnessed emergent signals of a radical change in the nature of the Internet. Like the transition that preceded it, where its focus shifted from its original, technological orientation to a content-centric positioning, this next phase will bring a dramatic shift in fortunes for some of the major players.


By |June 28th, 2008|3rd Horizon, Web 2.0|2 Comments

The Entrepreneur’s Challenge – Surviving the Early Years

I’ve been invited to sit on a judging panel at a pitch session being held on Friday by the Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance (MEGA).

Over the past 4 months, 10 teams of entrepreneurs have been mentored through the process of fine tuning their business concepts, and the pitch session is designed as a dress […]

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Is ‘Born Global’ the new normal for software start-ups?

A scan of recent activity in the Australian start-up sector suggests that, for many Australian new ventures, launch planning is rooted in a single, dominant objective: ensuring the business is “born global.” Nowhere is this mindset more apparent than among software-based start-ups, led by organisations such as Atlassian, Tangler, Freshview, and 3eep, among many.


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Is social media driven by a loss of faith?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the Walkley Public Affairs Convention, on the issue of social media.

My presentation was titled ‘Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed.’

In it, I sought to outline my thoughts on what were the key driving forces underlying of the […]

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New Report – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

IBM, via its Institute for Business Value, has released an interesting (though not particularly radical) report, titled Value 2.0 – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies.

A separate, Executive Summary document, provides a concise overview of ‘the rules’:

RULE #1: Grab and monetize the long […]

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