This past week I invested considerable time getting my Inbox under control.

A lot of the effort involved unsubscribing from electronic newsletters I no longer found useful, and opting out of marketing/promotions databases I found annoying.

Throughout the process I was amazed at the number of organisations/individuals that were still using manual processes to handle subscriptions (e.g. ‘Send an email to person@organisation to be removed from this list).

Also worrying was the number of reputable organisations that provided a very poor user experience during the unsubscribe process (I’m looking at you, Ziff-Davis).

Issues included forcing me to manually enter my email address (and, in some cases, name) to complete the unsubscription process, as well as poor communication on both pre- and post-unsubscription landing pages.

But one organisation really took the cake – Telstra.

While, admittedly, they did provide a 2-click unsubscription process (click on the ‘Opt Out’ link in their newsletter, then click once again to initiate the opt-out process), what really galled me was the warning:

>>Please note it may take up to 5 working days for your opt-out to be effective.

5 days to delete an email address using what one can only assume is an automated process.