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Give your business a tune-up in 2008

For many businesses, January and February are quiet times, as work slows while key clients are on vacation.

It is an opportune time, then, to reflect back on the highs and lows of the previous year, divine any lessons to be learnt and devise strategies for the year ahead.

In addition to doing […]

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3D Concerts a sign of things to come

GizMag published the following snippet in late December:


U2 in first ever 3D concert beamed live to a cinema near you Everyone is probably aware of the early attempts at 3D on the cinema screen using the flimsy cardboard goggles with the red and blue plastic lenses for each eye. This, while being a […]

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Watch Out For the Bus!

Entrepreneurs like to get into the thick of things.

They jump into an opportunity, build an appropriate business structure, roll their sleeves up and get to work.

The cut-n-thrust of the “coalface” is often what drives them. This can be a serious mistake.

Business success is about “owning” a business, not running […]

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Raising Money 101

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks (working on a new business venture – more on that soon), so I thought I’d touch on a topic close to all entrepreneur’s hearts: raising money.

Few entrepreneurs are in a position to self-fund their idea, either at the startup or growth phases. Seeking money to get […]

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Xobni – New Outlook Tool

I finally received word that I had been accepted into the beta testing program for Xobni, a tool that leverages machine learning and statistical modelling to improve the overall email experience.

Like many of you, I practically live in Outlook. Approximately 95% of my interaction with clients and colleagues (and many friends located outside Sydney) […]

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