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Is social media driven by a loss of faith?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the Walkley Public Affairs Convention, on the issue of social media.

My presentation was titled ‘Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed.’

In it, I sought to outline my thoughts on what were the key driving forces underlying of the […]

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New Report – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

IBM, via its Institute for Business Value, has released an interesting (though not particularly radical) report, titled Value 2.0 – Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies.

A separate, Executive Summary document, provides a concise overview of ‘the rules’:

RULE #1: Grab and monetize the long […]

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Are you an Alpha Socialiser?

The UK’s Office of Communications has released an interesting report – titled Social Networking – A quantitative and qualitative research report into attitudes, behaviours and use – examining the rise of social networking sites, and the people who use them.

Their reports combine both qualitative and quantitative research within the UK market. Interestingly, they […]

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Advertisers re-considering social networks?

A recent article in Wired magazine highlights the problems social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo are having with their cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates on display advertising.

They are averaging $0.13 (yes, 13c) per thousand, compared with industry averages around the $20 mark (higher for more targeted sites).

In particular, LinkedIn is said to […]

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How Big is the Digital Universe?

EMC has just released a white paper (which it sponsored, but which was developed by IDC) titled The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe.

The white paper provides some eye-opening and thought provoking data points about our increasingly cluttered digital environs.

Some key data points from the report:

The digital […]

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User-Led Innovation – New Report

Following up on my last post about the role of ‘lead users’ in the innovation process, two colleagues, Darren Sharp and Mandy Salomon from the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences of the Swinburne University of Technology, have released a very interesting and worthwhile report – User-led Innovation: A New Framework for Co-creating Business and […]

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Observing today to discover tomorrow

One of my favourite quotes, and one that I like to drop into any discussion about innovation and forecasting future trends, comes from William Gibson, a science-fiction author (who, somewhat ironically, until very recently still used a typewriter for preparing manuscripts):

The future is already here – it is just unevenly […]

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Is the trend towards Cost-Per-Acquisition campaigns sustainable?

One thing that is interesting in the on-going digital marketing metrics/engagement debate is that marketers expect a much higher correlation between digital marketing activities and confirmed sales than they do in any of the ‘offline’ media.

The interactive industry certainly made its own bed here. It has long touted itself as the only ‘accountable’ […]

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Recent Q&A session discussing opportunities & challenges for the digital media industry

I recently did a Q&A piece with the editor of the KnowGenesis International Journal for Technical Communication about a range of opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for the digital media industry.

The editor, Saurabh Kudesia, posed some very interesting questions, and I thought I would summarise some of the issues the piece covered.


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Key Trends in Digital Media 2008

I launched a regular column in Digital Media magazine (published by Reed Business Australia) this year. Below is an early draft of my first column (which was published in the February issue).


Increasing Control

A string of 2007 research studies into changing digital media and entertainment consumption habits, including the persuasive survey by […]

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