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The predominance of ‘No’

One of the great disservices many companies do to themselves is to encourage the existence of a layer of managers/executives whose primary source of credibility/respect is being the first to say ‘No’ to an idea.

There are generally lots of ramifications for people who say ‘Yes’ to an idea that subsequently flops. Yet there […]

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Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo!

The numbers on this deal are very interesting. Like Microsoft’s acquisition of a minor stake in Facebook, most of the value created in the transaction is strategic – it has less to do with the present value of future cash flow, and more to do with making sure an asset does not fall into a […]

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Raising Money 101 – Learning How to Sell

As an entrepreneur, you are in constant “sell mode”. Each human interaction – a lunch meeting, a formal presentation or a surprise encounter with an old school friend while wandering down the street – is a chance to ‘sell’ your idea, product or venture.

I use “sell” here in a broader sense.

When […]

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