I finally received word that I had been accepted into the beta testing program for Xobni, a tool that leverages machine learning and statistical modelling to improve the overall email experience.

Like many of you, I practically live in Outlook. Approximately 95% of my interaction with clients and colleagues (and many friends located outside Sydney) takes place (in part, at least) via email. Add to that the fact that I manage a number of email profiles (for my different businesses, projects etc.), and receive 1000+ emails a week, it doesn’t take long to bump up against the constraints of ‘traditional’ email applications.

Xobni – that’s ‘InBox’ spelt backwards – adds a number of excellent new features to the standard Outlook interface. In addition to a significantly better (and dramatically faster) search function, it also creates threaded conversations (gathering all the emails – and attachments – you’ve exchanged with a specific individual about a specific topic), and provides useful links to other applications (for example, it will detect phone contact details included in email signatures, and make these ready to use via Skype).

Today if Day 1 of beta testing. No doubt there will be kinks to iron out, but I am hoping this will solve a number of my email gripes!