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Welcome to information overload

Gerry McGovern provides some very interesting statistics in a (fairly recent) book, Content Critical:

– Every issue of the New York Times contains more information that a 17th century individual would have read in a lifetime.- There is enough scientific information written every year to keep a person busy reading day and night for 460 […]

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A chance to learn from history

The New York Times features an article – Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost? – covering the growing debate about a new Firefox add-in called AdBlock Plus.

Briefly, AdBlock Plus is an enhancement that allows users to effortlessly block ‘undesired’ content displayed within web pages. Primarily used for blocking banners and rich-media advertising, the add-in allows […]

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‘Geek marketers’ are not the solution

Steve Rubel has an interesting opinion piece in Advertising Age: As Technology Develops, So Does Role of Geek Marketers.

His basic premise is that, given the increasing technification (yes, it is a word) of a range of consumer products, marketing types are often out of their depth, because marketers and technologists speak a different language:


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