My Clients and Why They Engage Me

My clients are primarily involved in information-, knowledge- and technology-intensive industries, including media, content development, telecommunications, software development, and applied R&D.

The common theme is that they are experiencing ‘pain’: the pain may be significant and obvious, or emerging; that is, there is an awareness of potential problem that can be avoided via proactive measures.

The problem will likely be caused by:

– A new initiative launched by an existing competitor.

– An emerging competitor who has entered the market by using newer technologies to offer an innovative alternative.

– Migration of formerly loyal customers to a substitutable product delivered using newer technologies, often by a non-traditional competitor.

– Customers becoming more demanding as to how the product/service is made available to them.

– Changes in market demographics that require a repositioning of the product/service set to a different audience.

In short, they find that addressing the pain requires a change in the way they do business, and to do this, they need to change their understanding of, and approach to, their market and their customers.

I help my clients:

– Recognise, respond to and profit from transformational change.
– Make sense of growing complexity in their industry by identifying the most important underlying themes.
– Achieve significant growth by redefining their understanding of their market, business and customer.
– Implement change within their organisation and develop an internal culture of adaptability and agility.

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