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Free-to-Air TV finally responds to download issues

Interesting story today in the Sydney Morning Herald about the decision by Channel Seven to synchronise its broadcast of two high-rating shows – Heroes and Prison Break – with that of their US TV premiere.

The stated objective of this move was to reduce the loss of audiences to DVD and (I suspect, more importantly) […]

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Should Yahoo! quit the search business?

Reports that News Corp has made overtures to Yahoo! about swapping MySpace for a 25% equity stake has led the New York Times to speculate about whether Yahoo! should exit the search business and, instead, contract Google to provide search capabilities (ironically, this would have the company performing a full-loop, as it was Google’s contract with […]

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There is no Web 2.0…

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and now a software entrepreneur, has launched a personal blog, Pmarca.

He recently published an article in which he argues there is no such thing as Web 2.0.

As I responded in a comment, I absolutely agree that there is no Web 2.0 (and there most certainly isn’t a […]

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Taking Web 2.0 Offline

I’m testing a new blog publishing tool. While I love the WordPress blogging software I am using on this site, I have found posting articles quite a painful process at times. You have to fire up a web browser, connect to the administration page of the blog, enter the administration username and password, wait for the […]

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