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Cash is King (Australian Anthill)

This is an excerpt from a regular column I write – <strong>Neely Ready</strong> – which appears in <a target=”_blank” href=”” title=”Australian Anthill Magazine Web site”>Australian Anthill</a>.


While sometimes apocryphal, start-up failure rates tell a sombre story: most start-ups don’t see their third anniversary. There are many causes of this high attrition rate, but a primary factor is poor cash flow management.

Some founders simply miscalculate how much capital is required to get their business off the ground. Others are overly optimistic when forecasting key milestones (such as the date of first sale or break-even point). Still others allow the heady exuberance of a new project go to their heads (and cheque book).

By following a few simple rules, you can stretch your dollar further, and enhance your chances of success:


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Movie-download services miss the point

Fairfax recently announced its vehicle for entering into the movie-download market – ANYTIME – which puts it in direct competition with Telstra’s BigPond Movies initiative and ReelTime.

Much of the focus of the discussion about these competiting services has been around the challenges associated with broadband penetration in Australia (in particular, the expense of true, high-speed […]

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Google buys DoubleClick

Interesting news over the weekend about Google purchasing DoubleClick for $US3.1 billion (AU$3.75 billion).

Google has a few challenges ahead of it. On the one hand, if it wants to maintain its stellar share price, it needs to continue growing at around the same rate it has in the past (as investors have certainly factored revenue […]

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How Creative is Your Business? (Australian Anthill)

I write a regular column – Neely Ready- which appears in an (exellent) magazine, Australian Anthill.


How creative is your business?

Entrepreneurs and scientists use the concepts of ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ interchangeably. This is not surprising, as both play an integral role in the new product development process. They are not the same, however they do have a symbiotic relationship: each is largely useless without the other.

Creativity is the process of coming up with new ideas. Everyone is capable of being creative, and there is no single, definitive methodology for generating creative ideas.

Innovation, on the other hand, is a broader process of implementing a creative idea – or ‘applied creativity’. Innovation is intrinsically harder than creating ideas, and there is again no definitive methodology. However, it is the process of creativity – coming up with the spark of an idea that kick starts the new product development process – that most individuals and businesses believe they require assistance with (perhaps because creativity is seen as a behaviour, whereas innovation is seen as a process). […]

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Testing Twitter (!!) – the cur…

Testing Twitter (!!) – the current project that I am working on with the about-to-be-formed Smart Services CRC is certainly keeping me busy!

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Are you ready for it? (Australian Anthill)

The following is an unedited draft of a regular column – Neely Ready – that I write for Australian Anthill, a new-ish magazine with a focus on innovation, commercial enterprise and breakthrough technologies. I will post articles or article excerpts from time to time, as well as other pointers to great content in the magazine or its web site.


Are you ready for it?

The statistics are disturbing: a typical venture capital (VC) firm receives around 1000 business plans a year, and quickly rejects 90% without a detailed review.

The problem is not a shortage of investment funds – money will always be available for promising investment opportunities. Rather, most entrepreneurs do not understand the expectations and requirements of VC investors and are unable to communicate their business proposals as attractive investment opportunities.


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About Me

I’m a speaker, writer and consultant on the subject of strategy, discontinuous innovation and leading change. I’m a firm believer in adopting a systems-thinking approach to strategic planning and change management, coupled with an emphasis on creativity, problem-solving, and the pursuit of ‘why?’.

I spend my time (via consulting, workshops and talks) showing organisations how […]

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What is the 3rd Horizon?

So why did I name this blog ‘3rd Horizon’? Because that’s kinda where I like to work.

Most companies are ruthlessly operationally-focussed – few more so than media companies, which tend to ‘live’ from ratings book to ratings book, interrupted only by monthly or quarterly sales figures. It is a tough, highly competitive world, so it […]

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Where did this come from?

As many of you already know, I left my previous position with Austereo earlier this year, and have returned to the ‘coal face’, as it were.

After 2+ yrs of living and breathing the process of both devising and implementing a business case + strategy for launching an ‘interactive’ division within a traditional broadcast media company, […]

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