A methodical approach to innovation?

Here is one school of thought you’re unlikely to have heard of, but it is one that you should definitely acquaint yourself with.

TRIZ (pronounced TREEZ) is the Russian acronym for ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’. It is an algorithmic (that is, process-based) approach to problem solving and innovation that eschews the notion of […]

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Tenet #2 – Entrepreneurship is a PROCESS, not a single inspired act

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is not grounded in random acts of inspiration.

Entrepreneurship is process-based. Certainly, there is often a “light bulb” moment of blinding insight that kick-starts an individual’s journey into entrepreneurship, but the path always follows the same, 6-step process:

Step 1. Identify an opportunity

As highlighted by Tenet […]

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Update on Social Networks and ‘Dunbar number’

Interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald today that confirms the Dunbar number (which I referenced in an earlier post titled Social networks – chasm ahead!) is alive and well in the realm of social networks.

According to the article, which touches on the research of Will Reader, an evolutionary psychologist at Sheffield Hallam University:


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Tenet 1 – Made, Not Born

The first Tenet of Entrepreneurship posits that ANYONE can become an entrepreneur; that is, entrepreneurial skills, traits and tendencies are not innate, but rather are learned.

Entrepreneurial tendencies etc. are influenced by a number of factors, including:

Personal values/characteristics

It is impossible to provide a universal characterisation of the “entrepreneurial type”. Entrepreneurial […]

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When Innovation Begins

William Gibson, a science fiction author best known for his book Cyberpunk (in which he first coined the now familiar term “cyberspace”) wrote: “The street will find its own use for things”.

I have always taken that to mean that consumers, not manufacturers, are the final arbiters of how a technology or product will […]

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‘Higher Level’ Entrepreneurship – Learning from Muggers

Years ago I read an anecdote in a Jay Abraham book that had a formative effect on how I view innovation and opportunism. I managed to track it down:

Two men were mugged. Neither one was harmed.

Mugger No.1 took the man’s wallet and all his cash – $85. Mugger No.2 took the […]

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Digging up the past – I-Entrepreneur

Many years ago (2002 to be precise), I was moderator of an email discussion group called I-Entrepreneur (published by Adventive, now sadly no longer with us).

Given entrepreneurship is a subject close to my heart, I thought I’d trawl the archives for some ‘nuggets’ to re-post here, which I will do over the coming weeks.

I […]

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Mimicking bacteria – strategy for success?

History tells us that it is rare indeed that a single individual will come up with a totally new idea that leads to innovation (even Newton is purported to have needed a bit of help in the form of an apple). Innovation is more likely to arise from the recombination of existing ideas in novel ways […]

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Welcome to information overload

Gerry McGovern provides some very interesting statistics in a (fairly recent) book, Content Critical:

– Every issue of the New York Times contains more information that a 17th century individual would have read in a lifetime.- There is enough scientific information written every year to keep a person busy reading day and night for 460 […]

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A chance to learn from history

The New York Times features an article – Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost? – covering the growing debate about a new Firefox add-in called AdBlock Plus.

Briefly, AdBlock Plus is an enhancement that allows users to effortlessly block ‘undesired’ content displayed within web pages. Primarily used for blocking banners and rich-media advertising, the add-in allows […]

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