Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and now a software entrepreneur, has launched a personal blog, Pmarca.

He recently published an article in which he argues there is no such thing as Web 2.0.

As I responded in a comment, I absolutely agree that there is no Web 2.0 (and there most certainly isn’t a such a thing as a ‘space’).

I view current events as the continuation along a spectrum of usefulness and usability.

Back in the day (!), pre-Mosaic/Netscape, we had tools like Archie and WAIS for searching and accessing data/information available over the Internet. You would (physically) sit in front of one computer, use telnet to connect to another computer system, which would then use a tool like Archie to tap into information on yet another computer system.

The Web really just brought everything one step closer – you used a browser to go to a Web site, and that web site (through the ‘magic’ of hypertext) pulled things together for you (or sent you somewhere else to get it).

So information – or the ‘stuff’ you wanted – was only 1 step away from you, rather than 2 (or, euphemistically, 1 degree of separation, not 2).

We’re now seeing a bunch of changes converging to achieve the removal of that 1 degree of separation. We’re approaching a time where you won’t actually “go” to the Web/Internet to get the “stuff” you wanted – it will come to you (some are calling this your ‘personal information cloud’).

All the kinds of things that fall under the generally heading of Web 2.0 – tags, social sharing, folksonomies, RSS, APIs etc. – are really all about packaging, sorting, filtering and zeroing in on all of the ‘stuff’ out there that we want, in such a way that it comes to us, so that we need not ever have to go ‘there’.

So this Web 2.0 meme is really a 2/10 signal – in 2 yrs, a lot of people will be sitting around underwhelmed by what has transpired, but in 10 years, we’ll look back and point to this time as an inflection point for a profound change.

It won’t be too long before the opening position of a post like this will be: The Web doesn’t exist. (it is fading away as I type…)